Remote Control Vibrator

Remote Control Vibrator

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How many more mind-numbing dinner parties at your boss's house can you and your partner be expected to smile through?

None!  At least not without assistance!  Social obligations this boring practically demand private game-playing. Our little Remote Control Vibrator measures just 3 inches long – which is the perfect size for discreet fun.  Just slip it into your panties or insert it vaginally.  Then turn over total control to your partner.  Control her waves of pleasure discreetly from the next place setting over – or from another room entirely all via the remote you've securely hidden in your trouser pocket.  

There’s no longer any need to rely on gentle partner-kicks under the table when you can’t take another minute of the boss’s vacation memories.  Instead, send her a clear signal you’re ready to take her home by giving her panties an electric charge.  This Remote Control Vibrator has 20 orgasmic settings and uses single-button, wireless, remote control so you can be sure your message is understood.  Just press the up button to turn her (it) on, and the down button to cycle through all of its functions. 

  •  3-in x 1¼-in vibrating bullet (it's waterproof too!)
  •  Remote control is wireless (but not waterproof)
  •  20 vibration functions, including pulsation, escalation, and patterns
  •  Simple, single-button control; just click up to turn on, and down to change functions
  •  Comes in 5 colors
  •  Made from smooth ABS plastic, with detail in a chrome finish
  •  Quiet and discreet 

Try controlling your own fun too.  Remote control means you’re freed up to put your hands where and when you want as you bring yourself to new heights of orgasmic pleasure!

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