10-Part Anal Beads

10-Part Anal Beads

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Wary beginners will love how the starter anal beads taper small at the tip, for a gentle first experience. More experienced toy lovers will appreciate the calibrated designs of these stimulating beads! The sturdy rubber texture and a broad pull ring satisfy the fun! The beads' diameter sizes go from 1/4" to 1".

Want to start gently? Just relax, squeeze on your favored lube, and work in the beads, starting from the tip, easing as slowly as your heart desires! Tease by massaging with just the tip of the beads, work the head of the plug around, or simply leave it in to use it as a petite anal plug!

When you are ready for more, work the plug in far, one bead at a time, until you’re bursting from the radiating pleasure! These beads will help you achieve mind-blowing prostate stimulation, or to introduce exciting penetrative anal play-- whether the toy is for solo pleasure or fun with a partner! Because the wand of beads can go deep and be so satisfying, you can work this toy for ultimate, long-lasting pleasure!

When the fun has ended, just easily grasp the firm retrieval shaft and pull gently to retrieve your toy. The beads are sturdy yet supple to arouse your anal passage harmlessly and easily!

Cleanup is painless and easy – because these beads are crafted with PVC that is unscented, created to be hygienically superior, and ultra-durable, so you can soap up and wash this toy as quickly and vigorously as you wish! Be sure to use either a mild soap or sex toy cleaner, rinsed off with water. For an extra easy cleanup, simply glide on a condom before use! Before and after each time you play, make sure to always wash and rinse anal toys.

If you've always wondered about anal play, it could be time to give these beads a try –– thousands of very satisfied customers have!